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2 June 2017



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Are you a language genius and a terminology expert? If you’re looking for the perfect word game to play - you’ve found it!

How many words can you learn in this challenging game? This game is perfect for all ages. Download Word Foundry today and start expanding your vocabulary!

Word Foundry is a simple and addictive word game where you tap for clues and hints and arrange the given letters to compose a word.

On each level you will have 8 letters to arrange into new words. Tap on the empty word spaces for clues to each word. Tap the question mark for a hint and reveal a letter. If you’re stuck, there are extra hints available. There will many different words for you to compose on each level! Challenge your vocabulary and see how many words can create with a set of letters!

Guess a hidden word for extra points! Can you solve every word from the hints provided? Spell the correct word with the letters provided a series of pics that combine to create a word or phrase!

These challenging and fun word puzzles will absolutely enlighten your day for girls and boys and people of all ages. Play single player or with friends, super fun!Test your vocabulary and see how many words can compose with each new set of letters!



  • Unscramble letters to guess the correct words!
  • Race to beat the timer!
  • Over 28,000 levels with varying difficulty!
  • Master each level with the 3 star rating system!
  • Find hidden words for extra points
  • Use hints for solving words!
  • Exercise you brain!


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About PlayZilla

We're a small games studio based in Russia and we make video games - PC, mobile and console. We're also capable of creating other software products such as graphic assets, 3d models, animations and so on. Currently the studio is represented with its owner Vadim Ledyaev and freelance artists and musicians.

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WordFoundry: Guess The Word Credits

Vadim Ledyaev
Game Developer, PlayZilla.tk

Sonya Sarantseva
Freelance artist

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